Fixer in Mauritania

Fixer in Mauritania

Fixer in Mauritania

Unlocking the Cinematic Charms of MauritaniaMauritania: A Filmmaker’s Guide

If you’re considering Mauritania as your next filming destination, you’re in for a treat! Nestled in western Africa, Mauritania boasts a captivating blend of diverse landscapes, from the Sahara Desert to ancient towns and pristine beaches. Our local film fixers share insights to ensure your filming experience is seamless:

Climate and Currency

Mauritania features a dry, hot climate, and cash is the preferred mode of payment. Euros or US dollars are widely accepted, making it convenient for filmmakers.

Language and Safety

Arabic is the official language, reflecting the country’s Islamic heritage, while French is also prevalent. English is gaining ground. Mauritania is recognized as one of Africa’s safest countries, offering a secure environment for your filming ventures.


Private taxi companies and bush taxis are common, with train travel available in the north. Be prepared for unpaved roads, especially outside major cities. During the rainy season, travel conditions may be challenging.


Discover film-friendly hotels with daily rates ranging from $80 to $170. While there are no current tax incentives, the warm hospitality compensates for it.

Film Locations

Mauritania’s diverse terrain offers Sahara’s grandeur, ancient towns, oases, and deserted beaches. Capture nomadic herding, explore mining facilities, or delve into the picturesque landscapes along the Sénégal River.

Notable Film Locations

– Port de Pêche in Nouakchott: A vibrant fishing port.
– Medieval town ruins in Koumbi Saleh.
– Terjit Oasis: An enchanting oasis.
– The Eye of the Sahara: A geological marvel.
– Banc d’Arguin National Park: A haven for migratory birds.
– The Bay of Nouadhibou: Home to one of the world’s largest ship graveyards.
– The Iron Ore Train: Among the world’s longest trains.

Permits and Visas

Secure Mauritanian visas at embassies or upon arrival at the Nouakchott airport. Ensure a passport validity of at least six months and proof of yellow fever vaccination.

Film Crews and Equipment

Mauritania has a limited pool of local crew, prompting the need to bring in Heads of Departments from neighboring African countries or abroad. It’s advisable to bring film equipment from abroad.

Embark on your filmmaking odyssey in Mauritania, where the mystique of diverse landscapes meets the allure of cinematic possibilities. Lights, camera, Mauritania! 🎬🌍🏜️

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