Terms and conditions

When you submit an application to us, you must have agreed in principle to these rules


We will give you the best “Services” shall be defined as anything provisioned by Us in relation to your experiences or travel in Mauritania. This includes trip planning, meals, outdoor lodging and/or equipment, camel rentals, utility vehicle rentals, translations, and more.

Contact Forms

when you call us Know that you will find the best services in our country at a price that suits you

Mutual respect must be shown between you and us through the transaction We respect you and your country and culture, and you must do the same

By submitting Your personal information to Us, You are giving Us consent to contact You via the provided means regarding Our Services. This is a natural requirement to conduct business and coordinate the necessary details for any provisions that We are expected to supply to You to fulfill our obligation of Services requested.

Request for Review

We reserve all rights to ask you to send a statement or report on the services you received during your visit to our country You are not required to oblige the request, but Your feedback would be highly appreciated in helping Us promote and improve Our Services. We appreciate the opportunity to use Your experience as a way to build trust with our future customers. Reviews shown on Our website will not contain any contact or uniquely identifying information.


We reserve all the rights that give us the right to delete or review the report you write about us

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